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Parking Software BEinfratek chosen as best of British innovation and creativity to be showcased at British Business Embassy

BEInfratek will be showcasing the Ikoncierge System at the British Business Embassy during London 2012. Ikoncierge System is an absolute new way to retail that integrates an entire new marketing channel into your shopping malls, retail locations, business complexes, markets and buildings.
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Parking Software The Multilane Electronic Toll Collection System

Electronic Toll Collection System is an important ingredient for the growth and development of infrastructure of a region. The Electronic Toll Collection System is especially beneficial for multilane roads or highways.
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Touch Screens Touch Screen Kiosk in India

Touch Screen Kiosk is the innovative tool dawning in the retail horizon. The kiosks with touch screen are user-friendly equipments which enhances the customers experience by navigating them to the products and retail outlets of their choice.
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Parking Systems Benefits of Automated car parking management system

Development in economy leads to the increased per capita income and enhanced spending capability. Our developing economy also has introduced many innovative technologies to combat various problems associated with the development.
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