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Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks are interactive systems which are used to provide access to updated information. This includes a touch-based display monitor and is usually deployed at high-visitor traffic zones. Whether installed in a high visitor areas like shopping malls, or in public areas like roads, our interactive kiosk attracts its users and provides complete information the user the seeking. Our kiosks are designed in such a way to understand and display information what customers and potential users are seeking for.

We offer our users an impressive visual interface which provides the options of navigating the tourist attractions, shopping malls, food joints, important phone numbers, maps and directions, distance and fares through different means of communication. The user can get updated information at any time he visits the kiosk.

it helps users to enhance his/her knowledge with the information he is seeking
the users need not be computer savvy, as the kiosks can be used without any prior knowledge of how to use it
easy to deploy at any location
appealing interface, which attracts the mass
Remotely managed content, to display the updated information at all times.