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Interactive Directory is an easy to deploy solution that gives a customer the ability to find directions and search the locations of the outlets or offices in a particular mall. The maps are customized to display the locations of shops, outlets and offices.
The customers in the mall can check the map deployed at various points and be guided accurately & conveniently to their destinations.
We offer a range of complete solutions for Mall Navigation which include the application/software, touch-screen and the kiosk. We tailor our solutions for the specific needs and requirements for a specific mall, but the underlying value for our customer remains the same.

Our solution helps the mall visitors by:
Providing easy, user friendly search facility for shops, restaurants, facilities etc.
Exhibiting what offers are available in the mall for any product of their interest.
Providing self-explanatory floor maps and other relevant information on your shopping mall.
Enhancing overall experience by providing state of art, exquisite touch-screen kiosks.